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a picture of the author's granddaughter.

Welcome to Butterflylife Advocacy Apparel Plus, where we blend old-school advocacy for Autism and Special Needs with our mortal enemy The Neurodiversity Community...Totally kidding people, That's the point. We need to lighten up and show that there is enough space on the Spectrum for everyone. Yes, there are serious issues about how we treat the neuro diverse communities. Our plan is to use these discussions to bring awareness and acceptance. We’re more than just a brand; we’re a family-led crusade championing Autism, Neurodiversity, and all special needs, one collection at a time. Our mission? To bridge the gap between different perspectives and build a community that celebrates every unique contribution. This journey started with a personal twist, when my granddaughter was diagnosed with what the DSM-5 considers "Level 3 Autism(Needs substantial support)". 


    My daughter, leaning into the Neurodiversity movement, and I, rooted in traditional Autism advocacy, often found ourselves on opposite sides of the debate. It was through these spirited conversations that the idea for Butterflylife was born. We wanted to create something that resonates with everyone, from the newly diagnosed to the self diagnosed.

But it wasn’t just about having a platform. It was about making a real impact. That’s why a portion of our proceeds goes directly to supporting the special needs community. Your purchase isn’t just a transaction; it’s a step towards making a difference.

So, whether you’re here for the dope designs, the advocacy, or just to vibe with a community that gets it, welcome. We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you stick around. Together, we can make the world a more understanding, accepting place—one piece of advocacy apparel at a time.