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Calming Projector LED Lamp - For special needs ages 3-12

Calming Projector LED Lamp - For special needs ages 3-12

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Brand: Autism & Prosperity

Color: Pearl White


  • ONGOING STRESSFUL AUTISM BEDTIME TURNS TO SOOTHING AND SHORTER(!) ROUTINE YOUR AUTISTIC KID WILL LOOK FORWARD TO by using in-depth visual stimulus & associating bedtime with it: Seemingly "simple" tasks as relaxing or falling asleep can often become challenging for children on the spectrum to complete. Our visual stimulus provides a satisfying, relaxing sensory experience that will aid during autism bedtimes & position them as cheerful and attractive activities. Keep on or set a timer.
  • CALM AND PROTECT YOUR AUTISTIC CHILD AT STRESSFUL TIMES using our slow-paced moving (serious sensory overload chance-reducer) visual sensory projector – Being on the autism spectrum, our kiddos can often experience high levels of stress (sometimes resulting in a meltdown). Support your loved one and redirect him using a calming, mesmerizing visual sensory input - watch him being calm - and relax for yourself. *Produces very low motor noise (may bother sound-sensitive autistics)
  • AUTISM PARENT, WAKING UP MULTIPLE TIMES AT NIGHT is often caused by various Autism Spectrum Disorder issues. Our sensory sounds, and under the sea light-show (pre-designed with the optimal brightness-level - stimulating, while dim enough to not disturb at night) - provide satisfying stimulations that meant to aid your ASD child in sleeping through the night. Incl an optional remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries – not included). FANTASTIC AS A GIFT!
  • CARING AUTISM PARENT, REDIRECT HIS ESSENTIAL, BUT DISTRACTING/HARMFUL AUTISM SENSORY STIMMING WITH a safe stimming way (whether at bedtime or not)–Children reports mentioned in The Center for Autism Research have mentioned ASD kids that use sensory inputs (our note: like staring, chewing, hand-flapping, etc) for the purpose of calming themselves/fulfill other autism needs. Our responsibility is to address visual ASD sensory needs in a safe & desirable way - with our stimulating, vivid lights.
  • COUNTER FOCUS AND ATTENTION DIFFICULTIES with quality sleep time. Incl ADAPTIVE FEATURES FOR PICKY AUTISTIC CHILDREN (that may be sensitive to certain stimulations/have strong preferences) - 4 built-in soundtracks (can be shut off), customized music (AUX), 45° adjustable angle, & 7 light modes -all to meet your autistic child's specific sensory-needs for quality sleep time, or, equally important, to meet his unique preferences. INCL OUR 365 DAYS NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED WARRANTY.

model number: 5060614980384

Details: Our Autism Bedtime & Sleep Projector Nightlight Bundle aid caring, loving AUTISM PARENTS HELP THEIR LOVED ASD CHILD ( any age / years old ): LOOK FORWARD TO BEDTIME and SATISFY HIS SPECIFIC ASD SENSORY NEEDS/STRONG PREFERENCES (Incl many adaptive features) FALL ASLEEP FASTER SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT BE CALM AND REDUCE HIS STRESS RECEIVE VISUAL SENSORY INPUT HE NEEDS (whether at bedtime or not) IN A SAFE, APPROPRIATE WAY INCREASE HIS FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION the day after quality sleep time in bed Features: *Plug USB cable at all times to operate (Adapter not Included) *Pre-set optimal brightness – stimulating but dim enough to not interrupt sleeping *Operate: touch keys / remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries – not included) *Leave on all-night/use 3 Timer options – 1H/2H/4H *4 Built-in relaxing soundtracks *Custom music: AUX entry (phone, laptop, etc)/ TF card slot *Volume-changeable *7 light modes *Can play sound & project light simultaneously *45 degrees adjustable *Very low motor noise What’s included: *1 Projector *1 Remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries – not included) *1 USB cable (Adapter not Included) *1 AUX cable *1 User manual *TF card slot supports WAV/MP3, Voltage:DC5V, Power:2W Our ABA Teachers / ASD School Education Classroom Must Have Equipment / Lighted Bedrooms Tools Accessories Supplies ’ 365-DAYS 100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY - ACTIVATE STEPS: -Click our store name: “CleverBGoods” (clickable text, close to the “Buy Now” button) -Click “Ask a Question” -Message us. That's it. *TEMPORARY SPECIAL BONUS tool: ASD Digital course - How to deal w autism tantrums and emotional outbursts, & much more - (To receive it after purchasing, message us on Amazon's messages center). Buy now ( great gift )

EAN: 5060614980384

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.8 x 5.7 inches

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